Blessed are the poor       Bruno 2      

As we enter the Advent season, society gets busy and swayed by all the commercial initiatives to encourage us to buy more than we need and spend money that we don’t have. Most people let themselves go into the current of consumerism and try to find a short-lived enjoyment in clothes, high tech gadgets, furniture, food and drink.

Short-lived because as soon as we obtain something, we seem to look for the next thing and we live in a mad rush of constant dissatisfaction, always seeking something else that might be the one thing that will bring us happiness.  While I want to celebrate the season and bring joy to everyone, I feel sad that most people forget what the Advent season is all about. As some people rush to buy gifts and carefully designed cards, their hearts get full of what the world has to offer in terms of entertainment, goods, drinks and rich food. No wonder, it is hard for them to see the true meaning for the season. Their spirits are enriched by what the world has to offer and they fail to see what God has to offer. A far more enriching offer has been laid in a manger by Mary over two thousand years ago. God with us.

What God has to offer is far more entertaining than computer games, gadgets, and shopping; it is more satisfying than rich food or drinks; and it lasts for eternity. The only problem is that for some it might be too costly to accept. It means having to surrender yourself to a whole new meaning of life. It means to let go of the views of the world and opening the eyes to a new dimension: a dimension focussed on eternity.

Only few find this path, these are the poor in spirit, those whose hearts are not full of worldly things and therefore find it easy to let God enter. These are the people who don’t rely on their possessions for happiness but for everything, they just rely on God. These are the people who found a pearl of great value, and for the sake of this pearl, they are willing to let go of everything else.

This month my prayer for all the people is that they will find meaning and joy of the season beyond the Christmas dinners, lights, crackers, jokes, presents and shiny pretty things. May you find the true meaning of Christmas and how it can change your life.

                        Rev. Bruno Boldrini