The Sunday School - now known as JAM, meets
from 10.45am-12.15pm
in St. Mary's church Hall.


JAM and JAM+ are Christian groups for children & young people aged 4-16.


We meet once or twice a month on Sunday mornings with JAM
and JAM+ (for year 8 and older) once a month on Friday evenings.

We watch, read, listen, discuss, play, act, sing, chat, pray, cook, create and have a great time.


We welcome any new members and visitors

We encourage the children to learn about the nature of God and his amazing

love for every single one of us. They discover what it is to have a Heavenly

Father who loves them and then explore what that might mean to them and,

in the knowledge of this, how they live their lives with family,

friends and in their community.

Note: A crèche and/or activities within the service or back room will be

provided, depending on number of children and their needs.

We have fun!


New members always welcome.